11057- Betaweld Site Safe welding Tent or Humpys

Applications & Features:

Our welding tents are commonly used for onsite welding and as utility tents. They provide full protection of the welding process to the elements and allow for welding in harsh conditions.

Welding tents can also be used as a utility tent for carrying out technical work such as electrical repairs in bad weather.

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The 11057 Betaweld welding tent is designed for protection when welding outdoors.

Product Features:

  • Roof and 4 walls from Fire Retardant reinforced PVC
  • 2 end  walls have division for allowing pipeline to protrude through
  • Made for Australian conditions..
  • Assembles in minutes letting you get on with your project – No downtime.
  • 2500mm H  x 2500mm W  x 3000mm D
  • Australia’s largest tent, allowing you to work freely with more machines and larger pipes.
  • Complete protection from Wind, Rain, Dust, Sun UV and Snow!
  • Flat packs for transport
  • Tie down slots are crafted in the cover so the horizontal support bars can be tied down if necessary.

Use welding tents and humpy’s for:

  • Pipeline welding
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mine sites
  • Onsite welding and repairs
  • Electrical servicing

Welding tents:

  • Protect your welds and welder
  • Allows you to save energy, time
  • No down time = more production!

Approved Standards: The Betaweld Site Safe Welding tent or Humpy is independently tested to AS 2755.2-1985.for fire retardancy

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