Welding Safety Products

Make sure you have all the welding safety supplies before starting your project. 

When welding you want to take very precaution to protect yourself, your colleagues and your surrounds from any harm or damage. This means buying the full range of welding safety products, which are affordable and effective, and will go a long way to making your welding environment safe for all concerned. Contact us to ensure your safety and that of your employees.

No matter what you are welding, full attention to all safety aspects is vital. Welding involves very high temperatures and a strong flame. Injuries can result from the intense light and radiation that welding produces. While your face and eyes are the most important aspects to protect, there are a number of safety accessories that you need to include whenever welding.

What to protect when welding:

Eyes and face:
Safety glasses and a welding mask are two of your most important pieces of safety equipment. These will protect you from radiation, sparks, hot slags, arc-eye due to intense light, and from any irritation and chemical burns that can occur. A welding helmet can help protect your face and head.

Protect your ears against loud noises with earmuffs or ear plugs. You might want to use fire resistant ear coverings if there is a chance of sparks entering your ears.

When welding, there is a chance you could be exposed to dangerous fumes and oxides. That’s why it’s often important to use a respirator when welding; this depends on the specific job you are doing.

Use tough work clothes that are not flammable and can protect you against any sparks or hot slags.

Welding blankets
Neoprene coated welding blankets are ideal for protecting large surfaces during welding. These are particularly important when working during shutdowns, or when welding is carried out above existing structures.

Welding Screens
We sell a range of welding screens, which are made from especially durable material and are designed to prevent ark-eyes and to protect against intense UV lights.

Don’t take any chances when welding, we have all the safety products to ensure that all welding jobs are carried our safely. Contact us for more information.


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