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With more than 18 years in the welding industry, Betaweld has the experience, knowledge and capable staff to supply you with all the welding supplies that you require. Whether it’s a DIY job in your backyard or a large-scale industrial project, contact us for all your welding equipment, accessories, and supplies. Tell us what you need.

Welding accessories and consumables

If you are going to be engaging in cast iron welding, you are going to need a welding cast iron. These are made of iron, silicon, and carbon, but their weldability is generally quite low, depending on what you have planned. In addition, we stock a variety of torch kits, tungsten’s, nozzles, and welding sticks, and we sell welding cables, cable connectors, electrode torches and torch holders.

Stick welding

Stick welding is fairly simple, as long as you know what you are doing. Before starting, make sure you do your research, consult with the experts and ensure that you buy the correct stick welding equipment and supplies. If you are not sure what to do, feel free to consult with our specialists, who are happy to advise you on your project, and to make sure that you purchase the correct machinery, accessories, and consumables.

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We also stock a full range of welding machines and all the safety products you will ever need. When welding, you want to take every precaution not to harm yourself or anyone else in the surrounding area. You also want to avoid damaging any part of the property; buying the correct equipment and following all safety rules will go a long way to achieving this.

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BW71T-1 is an optimum joining wire for all aspects of bucket building and refurbishment, with its nickel content providing optimum strength.

For critical weldments between wear plates (quenched and tempered steels) and ground-engaging tools, BW81T-Ni1 will give you high-strength welds to ensure your welding job retains integrity for its desired service life, particularly in Australia’s tough environment.

Dissimilar metals can be joined with BW309Lsi or BW309L in GTAW welding applications. Our Betaweld stainless-steel wires are high-quality products used to maximise your welding efficiency.

Should you need to build up a crusher-scroll drum prior to hard facing, then use our BW307Si product to provide an efficient and fast wire to carry out the build prior to applying your hard face layer.

Are you carrying out a shut down on a mobile plant, need to protect your asset whilst welding repairs are being carried out, or have electrical trays running under your hotworks on fixed plant? Look no further than our Betaweld Neosafe welding blankets, which protect hydraulic lines, cylinders/windscreens and panels from hot sparks and welding spatter. They are also used to wrap up electrical trays and instrumentation, and can be cut to size from the 50m roll.

Wrap it around to ensure full protection. The Neosafe blanket can withstand up to 550 degree Celsius and has passed full Australian standard testing for vertical and horizontal use. Neosafe is low allergen, allowing you to use it repeatedly, without the health risks.

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