BW70S-6 Enviro


AS/NZS 2717.1: ES6-GC/M-W503AH



Applications and Features:

BW70S-6 Enviro series are non-copper coated wires for GMAW. The characteristics of BW70S-6 E series are equivalent to BW70S-6  series, such as mechanical properties and chemical composition. BW70S-6E series possess the better features than BE70S-6 series, as follows:

  1. Arc stability
  2. Low spatters
  3. Good wire feed ability
  4. Arc re-start
  5. Less fume emission


Welding Position:

All positions.

Shielding gas:

CO2 and Argon+ CO2 blend



Diameters Available:

0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2mm

Pack Sizes:

15kg Spool - 300mm, 250kg pail pack

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