AS/NZS ISO 17632: B T 49 3 T15 0 M A U H5



Applications and Features:

BW-70C-6M is a metal type flux cored wire and designed for positional welding by single pass & multi pass with 70-85% Ar+15-25% Co2 mixed gas shielding.

BW70C-6M is suited to Butt and fillet welding of mild steel & 50kgf/mm2 high tensile strength of structures, such as vehicle and industrial machinery.



  1. Arc stability
  2. Low spatters
  3. Good wire feed ability
  4. Good Bead appearance
  5. Excellent Slag removal
  6. Low Fume
  7. Very High deposition rate – Good welding efficiency like solid wire


Welding Position:

BW70C-6M is a full iron powder cored wire recommended for a wide range of high speed fillet and butt welding applications in all downhand positions. BW70C-6M 1.2mm can also be used in “short arc” or pulsed transfer mode to facilitate welding in all positions.

Shielding gas:

Argon+ CO2 blend

Approvals: ABS, DNV(CO2,Mixed Gas)

Diameters Available:

1.2, 1.6mm

Pack Sizes:

15kg Spool - 300mm, 200kg pail pack

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